Weekly Update #73, 4 Mar 2022

Author: Jason Bush

Louie and his crew of four, with Premier Concrete poured the garage slab on Tuesday. Knife River gave us a very nice discount on the 14 yards, and Louie did a nice job at estimating, as we had only about a five-gallon bucket of extra concrete leftover. Tanks Concrete Pumping was right there ready to pump the concrete at no charge. Thank you Tank! Louie takes great pride in his work and demonstrated it again, on the garage slab. I need to get some more protection cardboard down to keep it looking beautiful. I did get one roll and laid down a trail through
the garage for access to the attic furnace (FAU). Thank you Premier Concrete!

I made a semi-emergency call to John Persons at Builder’s Electric to see if there was any way at all that they could help with getting power to the FAU in order to get heat in the building. Mike Blankenship was very concerned with that, as we want the materials to get acclimated prior to cutting, shaping, and installing any trim & molding, or hanging doors. EPUD had done their part 6 weeks ago, so it was just a matter of installing the breaker and hooking up the furnace. Priority One Heating & Air-Conditioning was out there the next day. They have most of the grilles & registers in, the thermostat installed, and heat on! Superior Electric will be in a better position to wrap up the rest of the electrical finish work at a later date. I thank all of you for expedited help. 

Mike Blankenship, owner of the Blankenship Corporation, who specializes in custom homes and small commercial construction contacted me yesterday, and we have them on board for most of the finish work. He also indicated that they could install the cabinets when they are ready so that we can get templates made for the granite countertops. Matt, at Gardner Flooring indicated that with the type of luxury plank flooring we’re installing, it has to go down “after” the cabinets are installed.

I put together the number of dump truck trips I made with Wade’s truck, the amount of sand and gravel that was utilized in building up the porches and garages. Brian way delivered 30 yards of sand, and Aleks with River’s Edge Engineering delivered 20 yards’ of sand. Wade & I made 35 trips with another 130 yards of sand and 45 yards of ¾- for a total of 95 yards of gravel and 130 yards of sand. Nathan also deliver some more dirt this week.

I have been approached by two individuals wanting to discuss me helping them help other Veterans with their housing situations, which I am open to; however, first things come first. Both Operation Second Chance and Grunt Style are interested in sitting down to discuss something of this nature, and I am very excited to explore some options. I understand there is 58,000 organizations that are involved with helping our Veterans in one way or another. 58,000…. Something is not right with that number, and I would like to research this a little more. Priority One delivering the outdoor unit.

Louie on the left getting ready to snap a chalk line for a control joint across from the small garage wing wall. He again floated an ADA wheelchair ramp at the garage door similar to the one at the front door, which can be seen in the picture below. The dog bath fits in the corner to the left.

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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