Weekly Update #81, 29 Apr 2022

Author: Jason Bush

Jerry Luke, Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Creswell, who some may remember originally gave Jayson Southmayd my contact number, has been thinking about the unveiling event, and contacted an old acquaintance who is a professional photographer and Drone operator.

I spoke to Gary, owner of Gary Ulmer Photography & Drone Service last Friday and he is happy to come out to the event and produce some overhead video footage that I’m quite sure will put us under an interesting bird’s eye view. Some of Gary’s amazing work can be found at: www.garyulmerphoto.com. A big thanks to Gary & Jerry.

Which brings me to another great point Jerry hit me with. We needed a firm date as to when we will host the event. A lot of thought and discussion went into it, as the end of June is pushing it. Cabinets should be delivered the third week of May, which would only leave about 4 weeks, putting us too close to the 4th of July. July is also a big month for Hayward Field, and everything is booked up.

So, right or wrong, ready or not, old house, new home, the Southmayd family and I will be very pleased and very honored to have you all there! Not sure where the heck were going to put everyone & everything, but we surely want all the wonderful companies, organizations, and individuals who have provided me the guidance, products, services, and finances to experience the final chapter in this amazing, life changing community story.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 13

Nolan Booher was able to get me the bill of materials and his contact’s information for the closets, pantry, and laundry room. Scott Woodland, owner of the Scott Woodland Company, called me Thursday and indicated he is definitely on board. He knows the Southmayds, stipulated in an email this morning that he will supply it all as an in-kind donation. A big thanks to Scott Woodland!

Ruben Bocanegra, owner of Bam Construction met me at the SHB site to evaluate the last of the concrete flatwork at the back porches. It was determined we need about another 10 yards of gravel, so plan on taking Wade and his five-yard dump truck out on another date this Saturday, so that Ruben can get in there and finalize a bid for us, as well as compact it and place the forms.

The floor covering started going down on Tuesday. I met Jamie, one of four brothers that operate Romero’s Flooring there the first day. Jamie had stated they should be done on Friday, and that Mike Blankenship can get in and start hanging interior doors and trim. Wednesday, I went by, and no one was there, so started thinking they probably won’t finish till next week. Thursday, I went by to fully install the drop-down stair cover, and only the youngest brother was there, but to my surprise, they had almost half the house done! After talking with Danny, he said they come and go, sometimes one or two, sometimes all four. I have yet to meet Joseth & Eddie. Jamie below, just getting started, and being introduced to Jayson & Misty…. In their Grunt Style and Operation Second Chance shirts!

Below is the installed sheet metal cover. I had to palm sand about a 1/32” off each long side.

Lastly, Harvey & Price went out to install the fire suppression water tank, pump, and the system control riser, which can be seen in the picture below. I think all that is left for them to complete would be the removal of the protective caps on each sprinkler head, that remain installed until all work is generally done. They then install decorative escutcheons, that trim them out nicely. A big thank you to my son, Jason E. Bush, and Harvey & price! (some have asked if I changed jobs)



Below is another picture of the Romeo brothers fine work, as they went down the hall into Jaydon’s & Mikiah’s rooms.

These pictures are very difficult to get where you want them, the size that works without distortion, and whether or not the pictures were taken horizontally or vertically, the orientation works against me.

As always, if anyone has any questions, thoughts, or ideas, please do not hesitate to give me a call or email.

Jason Bush, CBO

Building Official

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